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Sprinkler Repair - Sprinkler Installation - Snow Removal throughout Park City /Heber City/ Kamas / Midway

Our company, Rick's Sprinkler Repair is a highly qualified professional in our field, in the installation, service and repair of sprinkler irrigation systems in Park City, Heber City, Kamas, Midway and the surrounding areas.

Rick's Sprinkler Repair service and repair team are trained to locate and repair any problems, which you may be having with your sprinkler irrigation system, and we do this accurately and in a timely manner. Also, we can repair or replace defective heads, valves and wiring and can pinpoint any leaks in your sprinkler system. Our crew can diagnose, repair and service problems, which you may have with your irrigation, and can tune-up your sprinkler system. Our company gladly provides free estimates, and we do this before starting any repair or service work on your property.

Most frequent service calls are not for repair but instead involves the relocation of existing sprinkler heads or the installation of additional zones to an existing sprinkler system, this service occurs when a room is added to the home or a deck or garden is added to the property. The cost for this service is cheaper than you might of thought! Again, we will be glad to come to your site and provide you with a free estimate for any repair or service work you may require. So please feel free to contact us at any time!

Rick's Sprinkler Repair Services All Problems and All Brands:
  • Sprinkler Design
  • Sprinkler Installation
  • Repair or replace sprinkler timer  
  • Repair or replace broken or inoperative sprinkler heads
  • Add new sprinkler heads or entire zone(s) of sprinkler heads Drip Systems
  • Repair broken pipes or fittings
  • Install, repair or replace automatic rain shut-off
  • Check system for coverage and operation of all heads and zones
  • Diagnose and repair low-pressure problems 
  • Leaks found and eliminated
  • Detect and repair cut wires
  • Locate, repair or replace solenoids